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K.G 1001 talks new music and keeping it consistent

FINDING HIS VOICE: K.G 1001 said proper preparation would be the key to his future success

BACK WHEN The Voice named its ‘19 one’s to watch in 2019’, K.G 1001 featured and he promised his loyal and long- standing fans that at the very least, this year he would be consistent.

This week saw the first track of the year released by the east London/Essex MC and he’s excited about how it’ll be received.

Talking ahead of the audio premiere dropping on Complex UK this week, with the video set to be shown on Link Up TV this weekend, K.G 1001 said it had been a long time in the making but he’s learned from the decade he’s been calling himself an artist and he aims to build momentum from here on in.


“It’s been a while since I dropped Clock The Sauce last year,” he admitted, candidly. “I was happy with how that track was received and I had fun working with Marq James, who is the same videographer I worked with for the visuals on my latest track Vybz & Bubble.”

The mere mention of Vybz & Bubble – which also features Crown – brings a big smile across the face of K.G 1001, who got his name from Instagram when he outgrew the moniker he used to fly by, Kid Gospel.

“I like making music like Vybz & Bubble,” he enthused. “It’s a party track, the type I want to hear when I go out. I love a party. Raving and socialising with my friends is a big part of downtime for me.

“When I’m out, I’m studying what works best and with Vybz & Bubble, that’s what I tried to encompass: good vibes that will make people bubble.”

So, why has K.G 1001 been so inconsistent over the years? “I needed to find myself,” he says, tongue in cheek.

“Seriously, growth, I needed growth. I’ve been making and putting out music, but not with any fanfare, no hype. I’ve been experimenting, seeing what I like to do. Literally finding my voice.

“Music is a feeling, you can have good days, bad days and days when you just don’t know. I’ve learned to believe in myself a lot more. Trust my gut and put faith in the journey I’ve come on so far.

“I’ve learned a lot from different people who have been a success in their chosen fields. The aim now is to be a success in mine.”

Asked what success looks like to him, K.G 1001 said he can be “as big as anyone out there – there are no limits”.

“I see myself doing it like everyone else who fans would see as a success,” he says. “I’d love to do Wireless Festival and can see myself up on that stage with the crowd singing back my lyrics. That’s a dream for me at this point, but one I think is realistic.”

Talking about some of the people who have inspired him along the way, K.G 1001 says his parents have been instrumental. He lists the likes of movie director Nicky Slimting, Nigerian artist Kida Kudz and writer, director and producer Sebastian Thiel as three people who he’s seen vastly develop over the past few years.

“When you know people who are bringing lms to market like Slimting, who was also a DJ I looked up to when I was younger, that can only inspire you. I remember having conversations with Sebastian Thiel years ago about staying focused and chasing our goals, and to see him where he is today drives me.

“He did some of my best videos on my early tracks and I know he hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential yet. Talking about potential, look at Kida Kudz – we were in the studio together with Fonti and Bushkin from Heartless Crew years ago, young bucks on the come up. His 2019 has been fire and it’s nothing more than he deserves. If I was inconsistent – and I was de nitely that – he wasn’t.

“Some of his bangers over the past year have got people up in the dances and, like I said,
that’s where I have a lot of fun. I want people to vibe and bubble the same way to K.G 1001 music.”

Getting K.G 1001 to spill the beans on whether there are any surprise features or crazy video shoots in the pipeline is like getting blood out of a stone. He will admit that more music has already been recorded with videos shot, and he’s good to go for the year. How- ever, he wants his output to be quality rather than quantity. “There’s more music coming.

Management will decide what comes next and when, maybe then we can talk about if there are any features or which producers I’m working with. “Part of being consistent means working a little bit different to what I have done in the past.

“Preparation is everything, as is establishing good relationships in the industry. I really want this track to get radio play, easier said than done for an independent like me – but I believe in the music, so let’s see. I have a job away from music, too, so it’s going to be a busy period over the next few years, but it’ll all be worth it.

“I’ve realised that I have all of the tools to be the artist I want to be. There are no excuses. Time to be consistent. Time for the world to know K.G 1001.”

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