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King Clem and Supreme talk new music, inspiration and more

TWO MINDS ARE BETTER THAN ONE: King Clem, left, Supreme (Image: @rgzgcreative)

MASSIVE SHOUT out to all the amazing mums out there. Hope you got spoiled over the weekend as you rightly deserve to! Although, I do think the love and respect is an ongoing daily gesture not just for the one day! Love to all those that may have their Mama Angel watching over, trust the love and blessings continue to shine down over us all!

British summertime is officially here, and I must admit I’m a little mashed from the DJing gigs on Saturday night and the clocks going forward. Had a good blitz of some long overdue spring cleaning or should I say soul cleansing. Always a great feeling to freshen up and reinvigorate the home settings.

MURDERED: Nipsey Hussle

It’s tragic that Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside his own shop yesterday in LA. It’s really shaken the industry. He had been nominated for a Grammy for best rap album! He had witnessed and been through the real life struggles growing up, and later became a real community influencer, focused on community development. This led him to create Destination Crenshaw, an open air museum devoted to honouring African-American achievement. He had a real interest for tech and wanted more opportunities to help develop younger generations to pursue careers in the sector! Prayers, love and condolences go out to his family, friends and community. Rest in peace brother.

This week I speak with the talented singer and rapper Duo King Clem and Supreme, who recently signed to new music label Ashirah Records. Inspired by the 90s hip hop and RnB era, they believe two minds are better than one! Find out more below:

Q: Who are King Clem and Supreme?

A: Before it all King Clem and Supreme have been close friends for almost over 10 years. Clem (ex G-Force member) inspired and persuaded Supreme to become involved within the music realm and put his unique vocal ability to use, and they have been making music together ever since, and you can tell. The chemistry between the two is like no other. The two artists operate as a duo but are also individual artists in their own right.


King Clem and Supreme will be releasing a new single together in May with a subsequent EP later in the year through their new music label Ashirah Records, which both artists have recently signed to.

Q: What and who inspired your journey?

A: The era that influenced us the most was the classic 90s hip-hop and the RnB era, artists such as Nas, Usher, Biggie, Joe and JAY-Z. We are also highly motivated to make music that has meaning and speaks to the audience, hopefully something people can relate to and gravitate towards. We’ve been brought up around talented and gifted people, brought up in the 90s – the music around then to 2001/2002 has longevity, so that’s another inspiration to bring back the good old days with a new feel.

Q: How do you find it working as a singing and rapping duo?

A: [It’s] extremely motivating feeding off each other’s creativity, it helps the music flow easy. It’s the perfect combination, it’s like a tag team. We’ve always said two heads are better than one so it makes sense! There is a part for both of us to play. We love bouncing ideas from each other especially when in the studio as there is always an element of competition and drive. We believe we have a very strong team when it comes to creating our music.


Q: Your heritage goes back to Uganda and Nigeria. What's the RnB scene like back home?

A: The Ugandan scene is somewhat non-existent but with what I’m looking to bring, hopefully we can start something new. The Nigerian hip-hop scene is booming right now with the likes of Davido, Wiz Kid and Burnaboy mixing it with the Afro sound. The music scene in Nigeria is most definitely on the map and is getting the recognition it deserves. It’s at a very healthy stage, it can only get better.

Q: What are your upcoming plans/projects?

A: Two new singles on the way I believe, with the first one dropping in May called What you saying. Also ,a lot of future content for our fans and listeners.

Q: Where can we find your music and more about you?

A: Find us on all musical platforms and socials @ashirahrecords, @1_supreme_only. And our website – soon available at

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