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Kirly Sue on achieving goals and making cooking vegan easy

ACHIEVING HER GOALS: Susanne Kirlew (Kirly Sue) showcases the benefits of vegan food through her TV broadcasts and recipe books

THE GREAT thing about a new year is that it presents an opportunity for people to have a fresh new start, and build an exciting future for themselves, by setting oneself new goals and taking steps to fulfil long-held dreams and aspirations.

The Bible has a lot to say about goal setting, achievement, success and starting over. And it’s full of advice about the qualities and attitudes required to be successful in life.

Check out Soul Stirrings’ pointers on how you can make 2019 a great one:

• Believe that your heavenly Father loves you, wants to be in a relationship with you and desires you to be successful.
• Commit yourself to reading scripture daily. You’ll learn about God and his plan for humanity, and gain insights about the importance of love, faith and life.
• Love God, yourself and your neighbour.
• Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. Pray to God for guidance, favour, opportunities, openings and relationships that will help you reach your goals.
• Have faith in God and your abilities. When you have faith, you’ll be willing and able to take calculated risks. It’s when you step out in faith that you’ll begin that journey to achieving your dreams and discovering your purpose.
• Write down your goals and set a time scale that you’d like to achieve them by.
• Be prepared to try new things, go different places and meet new people.
• Surround yourself with people who are able to inspire you, empower you, encourage you and who aren’t afraid to critique you if necessary.
• Learn to say no to opportunities that take you away from your goals.
• See any obstacles you face as opportunities to grow, learn, and develop spiritual muscle.
• Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Better still, get a mentor.
• Believe that when you have faith all things are possible.

One person who is living proof of what you can achieve when you set out a plan and focus on your goals is Susanne Kirlew – but be warned, it can take time.

Since 2012, this PR specialist, using the alter ego of ‘Kirly Sue’, has worked on building a second career teaching people the benefits of vegan food, and showing them how to cook vegan food via vegan recipe books and cooking programmes, which are broadcast on Hope Channel UK and Hope Channel Africa.

Both are TV stations run by her church, Seventh Day Adventists. Outlining her objectives, Susanne told Soul Stirrings: “My aim is to show that vegan food is not difficult to make, and that it can be tasty.”

The years Susanne has spent working to achieve her aims are currently bearing a lot of fruit. She’s excited about what 2019 holds for her.

She said: “I signed a book deal, and I’ve got a new book coming out called Cooking With Kids. I’ll be going to South Africa next year to do a book tour and I’ll be working with people to create more cooking programmes.”

Her publisher has already pre-sold 6,000 books abroad. Susanne takes a focused approach to achieving her goals.


She explained: “I write down my goals. I have an Excel spreadsheet and every month I write down what I’ve achieved. I look at my goal sheet weekly and put down a RAG rating. Red means I’ve not started, amber means I’ve started, and green means I’ve finished my goals.”

As far as Susanne is concerned, her faith has played a major role in her success. “I pray and ask God to open doors for me, because I set myself big goals and say to myself ‘Are you crazy?’, but then I pray and say to God, ‘If this is for me open these doors.’”

She has some advice for those who set themselves some big goals. “This is what my dad says to me: ‘The laws of average say you cannot fail every time, so keep going’. And for people who want to step out and do new things I’ll share the advice my mum often says to me and my sisters, which is ‘push yourself’ and feel the fear and do it anyway.”

And her last bit of advice? “Surround yourself with people who will help you move forward and get yourself a mentor if you can.”

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