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Knighthood for Bolt?

GLORY: Usain Bolt

AS WELL as receiving the Order of Jamaica in 2009, Commonwealth citizen Usain Bolt seems likely to add 'Sir' to his title and pick-up a knighthood from the Queen for his unparalleled feats in athletics.

Win, lose or draw, 'the fastest man in the world' will retire after competing in the IAAF Championships in London which start this Saturday.

When asked if he was confident of a win at the IAAF, Bolt told The Voice's Joel Campbell he was asking a "stupid question", promising fans another victory on the tracks.

This week a bevy of sporting stars commented on 'Lightening Bolt's' suitability for the honour, a conversation no doubt inspired by his eight Olympic and 11 World Championships gold medals.

Lord Coe, President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and chair of the sports honours committee, called Bolt “a genius” and compared his feats to those of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

Former athlete and television pundit Denise Lewis OBE told The Telegraph newspaper:

“He’s transcended the sport. He’s just been phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.

“I’m sure it’s an accolade that he would welcome.

"He certainly deserves it and I can’t see the British public really having a problem with that. Over the years, he has drawn the British crowds. They love him. He is a global icon and no-one has achieved what he has.

“He’s been an ambassador for the sport and a positive person for the whole Commonwealth. I can’t believe he hasn’t even been considered already. I’d be fully behind that. It’s something he definitely deserves.”

Richard Caborn, a sports minister who had a hand in Bolt's arrival at the 2012 Olympics in the capital commented:

“He’s one of the greatest athletes we’ve ever seen but I think what he has done in terms of the sport, of track, but also how he has conducted himself as role model, he’s been absolutely superb. This would be, I think, the icing on the cake.”

Sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe added:

“He’s just been a great advocate for the sport and brilliant at all levels. There have been some great Commonwealth athletes but certainly none as prolific and as charismatic as he is.”

After breaking records in the 100m and 200m in 2009, Bolt told reporters:

“If Queen Elizabeth knighthooded me, would I get the title ‘Sir Usain Bolt?’

"That sounds very nice.”

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