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Knowing your stars

YOUR WORLD: The earth and universe is simply our playground, says Nai Davina.

DO YOU remember the day you took your first breath? How it felt to fill the lungs with air for the first time since your conception? Or maybe how the energy felt around you when you journeyed out from the birth canal to experience life independently as your own individual identity? If there were thoughts present? And where they came from?

Understanding life as human beings and its many areas is a super complex subject – we are still discovering new aspects of who we are every single day, to get a deeper understanding of our existence and our purpose here on earth. Right from the moment we are conceived, our consciousness is developing slowly, taking its formation in the womb, equipping itself with every single tool it will need to get through this journey called ‘life’.

Everyone has a different mission, a different purpose, and the earth, well that’s just our playground to get the job done, to evolve our souls on an earthly plane. Everything we see and experience is interconnected, correlating, forming one big ‘whole energy field’.

Some act out the purpose of the arm, others, the feet, some may represent the heart keeping our whole conscious way of being together, but to understand where we are in the spectrum of our journey, purpose, and potential we have to look a bit deeper into the space in which we live. Our solar system.

Our planet is a part of a solar system with a star, which is one of the billions in the Galaxy. The Galaxy is one of billions in the universe. How can we not be connected to every living, atomic element in the known universe? Even further, we are literally made up of the same elements of the stars we glimpse at, in the sky every night.

One of the most valuable things I have ever learned was understanding the mechanisms of how the planets work. The second most valuable thing was learning how to work with these celestial bodies as a navigation tool and understanding the deeper connection we have to them as conscious human beings.

We all have a cosmic story in the form of our birth chart. The configuration of planets, sun, moon, and stars, are all to help us grasp parts of our subconscious selves we have forgotten. When we are born, we become exposed to the vibration, frequency and resonance of that specific day and time. The sun, the moon, and all the planets locations are creating this frequency through their communication or angles in space.

The moment we bring breath into the body, through birth, we begin the second phase of life as an independent being after conception, and so the journey continues. Every single planet tells us a different story about ourselves in different areas of our lives. I like to see them as ancestors, filled with knowledge and information outdating humans by eons, still teaching and navigating us on our evolving path.

You know just by the feeling you get alone at the point when you realise, summer is here. More sun, happier people, more relaxed vibes, we feel the vitality. It brings out a new urge of life in everything. But we cannot neglect the fact that the other planets are communicators of energy, too. Just on a lesser vibration than the sun yet they are still trying to teach us something. Especially at the most eventful points in life, there is always a planetary configuration happening, whether you know it or not.

The key is understanding timing and working with this beautiful correspondence of energy. Jay Z, for example, released his first album at a very significant point. He was 27 years old, experiencing his first Saturn return (a very pivotal astrological event, similar to a solar return expected with the planet Saturn). What is Saturn known for? It rules Capricorn and is associated with hard work, responsibility, practicality, maturity, karma and the one most missed out, success.

Yes, it is the success planet. When we have put in all the hard work, the result reaps long-term rewards, but it doesn’t come easily, it takes time. Another thing Saturn is known for. Now did Jay know this and release his first album right when this celestial event was happening, knowing the potential of the energy would support his actions or was it just a coincidence? Like the amazing celestial event which happens on July 4 where the sun, our central sun Sirius, and earth are in complete alignment, now known as Independence Day in America.

Did someone know prior to making this declaration on this days what was happening in the cosmos? Does it even matter? Yes! Like JP Morgan famously said “Millionaires don’t have astrologers, billionaires do”. Some go in search for clarity, others to let go of the past, some to just understand the energy they hold within, some to know how to activate it. One thing for sure is we must know how to open the gates inside us. The 12 cranial nerves in the brain hold clues to how connected we truly are. The star-gate lies within and your journey is exclusive to you.

Having knowledge of this can only assist to show you the blueprint, the vibration you hold within, then the rest is up to you to activate what is truly yours.

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