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Lady C slams Markle and 'first black royal baby' claims

PICTURED: Meghan Markle and Lady Colin Campbell

NEWS OF Meghan Markle's pregnancy has spurred celebration across the country, as many took to social media to share their congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

But not everyone seems to pleased with Markle - one of which being Lady Colin Campbell.

The former I'm A Celebrity contestant made an appearance on Good Morning Britain alongside Princess Diana's former bodyguard Paul Burrell, where she launched into a shocking rant against Markle and blasted claims that her child will be the 'first black royal'.

When asked what she thought of the former actress, Lady Campbell said she is not to fond of Markle, telling the programme: "I think less of Meghan now than I did initially. I think the way she shooted her family is appalling.

"I hope for her sake and the sake of the monarchy that she begins to embrace them a little more."

The 37-year-old royal has little contact with her family, but remains close with mother Doria Ragland. She reportedly hasn't been in contact with father Thomas Markle since prior to the wedding and is estranged from sister Samantha Markle who continuously bashes the Duchess in the press.

Presenter Piers Morgan then asked what Campbell and Burrell thought of the 'first ever black royal baby', to which Burrell replied: 'It would be a wonderful thing. I think it would unite the country. British people are all colours."

But Lady Colin Campbell didn't take to kindly to the phrase, and accused Morgan of racism saying: 'I'm sorry but having been brought up in Jamaica, which is a multi-racial society, the baby is not going to be black. It’s going to have black blood, but it's also going to have white blood.

"You can't be seven eighths white and be called black. I think that's racism of the highest order. Its rather like Hitler’s definition of a Jew. If you're an eighth Jewish you're completely Jewish and therefore into the ovens," she added.

"If you're partly black you’re partly black. You're not fully black."

The Duke and Duchess are currently in Sydney as they embark on their first tour of Australia since getting married.

The couple announced the news they're expecting their first child yesterday (Oct 15) , sharing that the baby will be due spring 2019.

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