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Lady Leshurr details verbal abuse at Wireless Festival

PICTURED: Lady Leshurr

AFTER A rousing set at this year’s Wireless Festival, rapper Lady Leshurr shared a video from the event where a security guard verbally insulted the star and her friends.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (Jul 9), The Birmingham musician revealed the video of the black security guard, where he reportedly threatened to “To shoot me [Lady Leshurr] & my people & told me to suck my mom.”

She wrote: “I need you guys to share this everywhere!!!!!! Last night I performed at @wirelessfest & was told to leave through the car park where our car was parked by two female security. The green door is where we was told to go, but this lil guy wasn’t having it cus he didn’t know i was a performer. And because we didn’t leave he threatened to shoot me & my people & told me to suck my mom ???????? look at him grabbing for his “gun” he kept saying he had ???? called us dumb azz ni****”

I Need You Guys To Share This EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Last Night I Performed At @wirelessfest & Was Told To Leave Through The Car Park Where Our Car Was Parked By Two Female Security. The Green Door Is Where We Was Told To Go, But This Lil Guy Wasn’t Having It Cus He Didn’t Know I Was A Performer. And Because We Didn’t Leave He Threatened To Shoot Me & My People & Told Me To Suck My Mom ???????? Look At Him Grabbing For His “Gun” He Kept Saying He Had ???? Called Us Dumb Azz Ni**** ????????♀️ Unprofessionally Trained & Hair Shorter Than His Career ???????? I Need To Find Out Who’s Uncle This Is So He Gets Sacked!! I Can Only Imagine How Many Other People He’s Did This To & Got Away With It!!! Please Tag @wirelessfest & As Many People As Possible!!!!!! This Is Unacceptable & If You Allow This Guy To Continue Representing Your Brand Then You Lot Are Crazy!! They’re Meant To Be Protecting The Visitors Not Attacking Them!! Need To Do Better Especially How The Artists Have Been Treated.

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The erratic behaviour of the unnamed guard resulted in Leshurr calling for people to contact Wireless Festival for his unprofessional behaviour.

She added: “I need to find out whose uncle this is so he gets sacked!! I can only imagine how many other people he’s did this to & got away with it!!! Please tag @wirelessfest & as many people as possible!!!!!! This is unacceptable & if you allow this guy to continue representing your brand then you lot are crazy!! They’re meant to be protecting the visitors not attacking them!! Need to do better especially how the artists have been treated.

Social media users shared their support for the rapper, with one adding that there were other encounters with ‘rude’ security staff.

“There were actually so many rude security staff but this one is next levels,” one user wrote, while another said: This is not the kind of representation @wirelessfest wants to ain’t gonna handle anyone like that even if you don’t know them...there is a better way to go about this. He could have still said no and politely asked them wait so he goes to verify instead of roaring like a lion."

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Wireless Festival has shared that the security guard featured in the video has been fired for his comments. They said: "As soon as this unacceptable and disgusting behaviour was brought to our attention- the security guard in question was sacked. We apologise profusely to Lady Leshurr that she and her friends had to be subjected to such a vicious verbal attack."

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