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'Legalise cannabis if you want…but not for women'

I’M OFF: Former TV presenter Charlo Greene who quit her job on air over cannabis story

CANNABIS SHOULD never be legalised for women. Charlo Greene illustrates why. 

She may be hailed as a heroine by ganja smokers worldwide, because she is the television news reporter who jacked in her job on air so that she could be left in peace with her herb. But that is exactly why women shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a chalice.

A man would never have done that. He would have gone on air, fully charged, all red-eyed and chatting nonsense as long as he could keep his job.

Ganja is TOO dangerous, if the desire to smoke a spliff can make you throw away a lucrative job. Surely.

It was during a live report on an illegal weed farm in Alaska that she decided to confess on air that she was the herb vendor in question and she wanted to legalise cannabis. With a well known four-letter word, she told her employers to go and have sex with themselves and then discarded her microphone and walked off into the sunset.
Or so we thought.....

Now her neighbour is taking her to court for alleged threatening behaviour when he apparently asked her not to stink out the whole neighbourhood with the I-cense.


So wot’s a pretty sista like Charlo doing kicking up such a stink over a stalk of high grade? Is it anything to do with her surname? Or has she gone soft in the head? Or does weed accentuate the emotional side of the fairer sex? (And wot’s her pretty face got to do with it anyway, Adebayo - Editor)

Before you all accuse me of being a misogynist, let me tell you what my mentor Peter Tosh used to say to me:
“Dee-go, (that’s what he used to call me) the sistren shouldn’t smoke herb like the bredrin, because they can’t handle it. Their structure is not built like a man’s so they shouldn’t be doing what the man do. This herb is powerful ya know, Dee-go. You have to handle it with care, especially the sistren.”

Remember Tosh was the Bush Doctor. He knew what he was talking about. He was the world’s expert on marijuana. Even the United Nations acknowledged that.

Another lesson that Charlo might want to learn from Peter Tosh is: “Legalize it, DON’T advertise” because it certainly isn’t worth losing your lucrative job over it.

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