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Leon McKenzie on Jlloyd Samuel: “We lost a lovely guy"

TRIBUTE: Leon McKenzie described Jlloyd Samuel as a lovely guy

LEON MCKENZIE has spoken of his sadness at the death of his friend former Premier League footballer Jlloyd Samuel.

At an event for his mental health organisation, Mind Reposition, McKenzie shared his reaction to the news of his friend’s death with The Voice. He said: “Life sometimes confuses me at the best of times but when I heard the news today, I actually didn’t want to do the event. I didn’t know even if I was even going to be able to talk, I just went into this little shell. I went into a little bit of depression today.

“This is a guy that’s 37 year’s old, he’s got kids and a wife. I’ve got five kids and to leave that behind without your choice...that’s a sad tragedy.”

PICTURED: Leon McKenzie

Samuel, a former Aston Villa and Bolton Wanderers and father-of-four, died on Tuesday after his car collided with a van in Cheshire.

The former Premier League footballer and boxer, who played against Samuel during his football career, said that he had “spoken” to him after hearing the news.

“I had a little whisper up, I sort of spoke to him. I said: ‘look I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this for you’.

McKenzie, who has spoken openly about his battle with depression, said that he was “fighting it in front of everyone” at his event yesterday evening.

“We lost a lovely guy today and a gentleman and a good heart, played against him a few times and now he’s not here.

“Life can be cruel,” he told The Voice.

During a speech at the start of the event, McKenzie deviated from his prepared speech to “I’m taking a real deep breath because sometimes we take life for granted...that sort of knocked me today and as I’m speaking about fighting it...we have to fight.”

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