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Lewis Hamilton after historic win: 'Thank you!'

LAID BACK: The Formula One star celebrates with his adoring fans

OVERWHELMED BY the love afforded to him following his historic win at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton hailed the fans who supported him throughout the weekend.

Hamilton, 32, moved within one point of championship rival Sebastian Vettel and was so stoked by the result the Stevenage-born racer crowd surfed to celebrate.

Talking on the podium the three time Formula One champion said of the result:

“That was the feeling I can’t really describe. It feels amazing to be up here, so proud to see all these great flags everywhere.

“The support this weekend has been immense and I’m really proud that I could do this for you all.

“Thank you so much for all your support, pushing us, the team was faultless this weekend. Valtteri did an exceptional job as well so it’s a perfect weekend for us.”

The win was Hamilton’s 57th of his career, fourth successive victory at Silverstone and fifth overall, tying the record with Jim Clark and Alain Prost.


Talking about the race from his perspective he enthused:

“I was up front, got a very good start and after that I was really able to manage the gap between myself and Kimi and just bit by bit, extend.

“We were planning on stopping on lap 19 or something like that so I was able to extend it by quite a bit and then at the end I had a decent gap and it was just about managing that 12-14 second gap I had to Kimi.”

He added:

“But yeah, coming across the line, I could have kept going, I felt like I could have kept going. I think we really had the legs this weekend.


“You just saw the crowd. I’m sweating not necessarily because of the race but because I was just running outside and got to crowd surf with everyone. The support has been immense.”

Addressing the critics who had scrutinised his preparation for the Grand Prix, Hamilton said if he was still being questioned about how he does his thing despite being a success, then the people who doubt him may never understand. He said:

“I think there is no reason to question my preparations. I have more poles than most.

“I am obviously building up the wins that I have. My performance is second to none. If you don’t know now that my preparation is mostly on point, then I guess you never will.”

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