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Lewis Hamilton 'rejuvenated' after Spanish Grand Prix win

SUCCESS: Lewis Hamilton

LEWIS HAMILTON said his Spanish Grand Prix victory had revitalised him after a difficult start to the season, BBC Sport reports.

The 33-year-old smashed the competition, as he made history as the first man to gain points in 30 consecutive races.

"It has been a rejuvenating experience," he said. "It's the greatest feeling to come here and have that kind of performance and have a convincing win. Not every win feels as great as this one. It's my 64th but feels special and unique."

“You could probably see from my energy when I got out of the car that it was definitely a great, great feeling. To think that it is my 64th career win, but it still feels like my first, is special and unique in its own way. That is encouraging for me because I have been racing a long time.

“I am going to sleep like a baby tonight because I know I did my job this weekend to the maximum and I did not leave anything on the table.”

Following his win, news reports revealed Hamilton is on the verge of signing a new Mercedes contract.

"It's almost all sorted," Mercedes boss Toto Wolff confirmed in the wake of Hamilton's victory in the Spanish GP. "We don't want to lose him and l don't think he wants to go anywhere else.

"Everything is going fine. We have had other priorities in the last few weeks. We weren't happy with the performance of the cars and we needed to sort things out. Finalising a contract takes time and we both decided to park it."

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