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Lewis Hamilton responds to criticism after India comment

PICTURED: Lewis Hamilton

FORMULA 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has responded to recent criticisms, after he suggested India is a ‘poor place’ when asked whether Formula One races should be held there.

In the initial interview with BBC Sport, Hamilton said: "I've been to Vietnam before and it is beautiful. I've been to India before to a race which was strange because India was such a poor place yet we had this massive, beautiful grand prix track made in the middle of nowhere."

Many took to social media to air their thoughts on Lewis’ comments. One user tweeted: “My country is a bit strange as we have the mix of all cultures. My country is a bit strange as have the world's largest democracy. But @LewisHamilton off all these, we are not "poor country" as it seems to you.”

Another wrote: "India is not poor but world's sixth largest economy and fastest growing.

Since facing backlash for his comments, the Englishman took to social media to clear up his comments and explain his point of view on the issue.

He wrote: “Hey everyone. I noticed some people were upset about my comment on India. First off, India is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The culture there is incredible. I have visited and always had an amazing time however whilst it’s the fastest growing economy it also has a lot of poverty.

“My reference was that a Grand Prix there felt strange to drive past homeless people and then arrive in a huge arena where money was not an issue. They spend hundreds of millions on that track that is now never used. That money could have been spent on schools or homes for those fun need. When we did have the race, nobody came because it was too expensive most likely or no interest. However, I have met some amazing Indian fans.”

Hamilton’s next race will take place on Sunday November 25 in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix following his win at the Mexico Grand Prix which saw him secure his fifth world championship title.

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