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Lightning strike kills three children in Uganda

LIGHTNING: The strike proved fatal for three children in Uganda's Yumbe district

A LIGHTNING strike in Uganda has killed three children, the Uganda Red Cross Society has reported.

The weather incident took place on Wednesday (October 3) in the Yumbe district.

Irene Nakasiita, the spokesperson for Uganda Red Cross, said: “As lightning struck New York city today, Uganda too experienced [a] terrible incident in Yumbe (N Uganda) where three pupils died on spot at Mungoyo P/S. Seventy-two are admitted at Lodonga HC3 and Mungoyo HC2. Twenty-five of these are critical cases. Uganda Red Cross gave first aid and referred critical cases.”

A total of 75 children were affected by the lightning strike and of those, 53 have since been discharged from hospital.

The children whose injuries proved fatal were aged between nine and 10 years old.

They have been named as Munduru Consulate, 10, Asimba Norman, 9, and Ezasurubo Lauren, 9.

Yesterday the charity said it was still on the ground to provide emergency support.

The country’s state minister for higher education, John Chrysostom Muyingo, has called for schools to use their budgets to install lightning arresters, devices that are attached to electric and telecommunication poles and protect them from the damage lightning can cause, the Uganda Radio Network website reported.

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