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LinkedIn launches insights to promote diverse recruitment

RECRUITMENT TREND: Improving diversity is a top priority for companies around the world

LINKEDIN HAS announced plans to introduce tools to help employers recruit more diverse workforces.

In a statement, the employment-focused social networking site said: “Diversity hiring is a top priority for our customers, so we have infused gender diversity insights across our talent portfolio, arming organisations with actionable insights to build diverse teams. We've also released new courses on LinkedIn Learning to help hiring managers build more inclusive workplaces, which will be available to access for free to a limited time.”

The announcement, which was made this week at LinkedIn’s ninth annual Talent Connect conference, comes at a time when companies are increasingly looking to diversify their workforce.

Creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce is the top priority for HR departments and recruiters, according to a 2018 LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends report.

LinkedIn says that its new product will help companies to build inclusive teams and is in line with their product philosophy of creating “diversity by design”.

The new tools will begin with providing recruiters with insights on gender.

There are plans to expand the insights to cover other areas of identification and characteristics.

To protect the privacy of LinkedIn members, the information will not identify individuals but provide talent acquisition professionals with aggregated data on gender.

In addition to the insights initiative, the company has also pledged to make sure that searches on the platform return a varied mix of qualified candidates.

The tool will provide users with reporting to enable them to see how their interactions with potential candidates through job applications and correspondence perform with different genders, helping them to identify where a more inclusive tone, language and outreach can be applied.

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