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Little Mix star sends positive message to young black girls

EMPOWERING: Leigh-Anne Pinnock

LITTLE MIX star Leigh-Anne Pinnock has shared an empowering message to black girls about embracing their natural hair, following a conversation with her niece.

Sharing an image of herself and her natural hair on Twitter, Pinnock wrote: My niece of seven years once she didn’t like her Afro and wanted to look like the other girls in her class. It broke my heart that she didn’t consider what she had as beautiful.”

Pinnock ended her tweet by encouraging young black girls to admire their natural hair, writing: “Love your curls, love your Afro.

“We need to teach young black girls that it IS just as beautiful.”

Pinnock’s tweet resonated with many who have struggled to accept their black hair and are beginning to embrace it.

One woman wrote: "I used to hate my afro too. I honestly didn't love it until I saw you rocking yours proudly. You're my inspiration Leigh Anne"

Another took to Twitter and said: "I used to hate my Afro too, I kept asking my parents if I could straighten it or braid it just so I could look like the other girls in my classroom. It took my a long time to realize that my natural hair is beautiful and that I didn't need to look like everyone else."

However, some have criticised the star, deeming her hair texture "acceptable" in today's society and urged people to acknowledge different coarser hair textures.

"I like the message but let’s be real. It’s easy to you to say wear your hair natural when you are considered to have “good” hair. Now what about the girls with more coarse hair? You know dam well it’s not that easy for them to just wear it natural," wrote one user.

In response, the songstress said: "I think the bottom line of the message in my post is to just love whatever natural hair you have. My niece has got an Afro and I have curly hair, and I just want my younger black fans to know that that is beautiful. Whatever they have!"

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