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London church denies ‘gay conversion therapy’ after report

REVEALED: Pastor Gbenga Samuel (Photo credit: ITV)

A LONDON-based church has denied engaging in so-called gay conversion therapy after an undercover reporter claimed leaders said God could "fix" him.

The news was revealed in a report from ITV, where a journalist went undercover at Winner's Chapel in Dartford.

The unnamed reporter who featured in a the television broadcast on Monday night, said: "I went through hours of counselling and prayer sessions, all directed at ridding me of my homosexuality.

"Sometimes the prayers in themselves seemed harmless, such as for God to direct me and guide me.

"I felt it changed from something that could have been comforting to something sinister and potentially traumatising."

The journalist claims that Winner's Chapel pastor Gbenga Samuel began praying 'heavily', shouting, and spinning him around on the floor within an hour or so of first meeting him.

The reporter, who attended the church for two months, was reportedly told he needed a "complete mind reorientation".

Despite the damning footage, the church has said the church takes "inclusion and diversity very seriously,” and their activities are lawful and follow the "biblical teachings of love for everyone regardless of their belief, gender, background or sexual orientation".

The church said it would carry out an internal investigation in to ITV’s findings, but denied engaging in any form of gay conversion therapy.

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