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London club called out for denying entry to black women

CONTROVERSY: Eda Cazimoğlu documented her experience at London venue Tiger Tiger (Photo credit: Eda Cazimoğlu)

A WOMAN has taken to Twitter to call out London venue Tiger Tiger after her friends experienced racial discrimination.

Eda Cazimoğlu, an Edmonton Youth Officer, visited Tiger Tiger on Friday to celebrate a friends birthday. In the Twitter thread, she recounts what took place, saying it was a “bleak reminder that racism in London is alive and kicking.”

She wrote: “.@TigerLondon is racists. On Friday my friends and I were heading to a 21st private birthday hosted in tiger tiger. Me and my white looking friends were allowed in, however, the rest of the group (who were majority black), including the host, were denied entry. Why? The management stated “you lot are 5% of my revenue and 100% of my problems”.

“My friend’s birthday was cancelled and was a bleak reminder that racism, in the middle of London is alive and kicking.”

Many took to social media to corroborate her story of the racial discrimination exhibited by Tiger Tiger staff, with one user sharing reviews of the club which echoed similar sentiments.

In one of the Tiger Tiger reviews, it said: “TIGER TIGER SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED. EXTREMELY UPSET with the customer service in tiger tiger. Such blatant RACISM by the bar staff serving my white friend on card for £3.50 and telling me I can only pay by card if I spend £20.

While angered, many others said they weren’t surprised by the racism from Tiger Tiger. “Not surprised to hear this unfortunately,” wrote one Twitter user. "I’m always amazed at how openly racist so many big nightclubs/door staff around the world are. It’s quite incredible actually!”

According to i News, Tiger Tiger London have said that they will be looking into the incident. A spokesperson from the venue said: “Our venue does not tolerate any form of racial discrimination. “We have strict door policies that all our staff are trained to follow. We take all allegations extremely seriously and of course we will be investigating fully.”

Tiger Tiger is the latest London club to be named and shamed for racial discrimination. Most recently, London club Drama was accused of charging black women double compared to white women - a claim they later denied.\

UPDATE: Tiger Tiger have issued a statement regarding the accusations. "Our venue does not tolerate any form of racial discrimination. We take all allegations extremely seriously and have investigated the situation fully, including a review of CCTV footage and interviews with staff on the night in question," it reads.

"This clearly shows that there was no racial discrimination involved in refusing entry to the party in question. The venue operates to a strict Customer Code of Conduct and in this instance the General Manager felt that the customers’ conduct was in breach of our policies. To ensure the safety and welfare of other customers the General Manager asked the guests to leave and made a full refund to the party host.

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