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London 'one of the greenest cities in the UK,' study claims

GREEN: London ranked among the greenest cities in the UK

LONDON IS one of the top 4 greenest cities in the UK despite its ongoing battle against toxic air pollution, a study suggests.

Published by Britain’s Real ‘Green & Pleasant’ project, their research suggests that despite air quality concerns the city is still ranked fourth in a list of green cities in Britain.

The study, commissioned by property website Good Move, analysed the carbon emissions, recycling levels and energy consumption in ten major British cities.

Analysts also researched the amount of green space in each city, as well as the number of Green Party seats, to establish “which city is doing its bit to make our country greener”.

According to emissions data from the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, London has the lowest carbon emissions of all ten cities.

The capital also uses the least amount of gas – with British Gas records showing Londoners burn through 16,880 kilowatts of gas per hour - more than 4,000 kilowatts less than the worst offending city Bradford.

This latest study comes just a day after Sadiq Khan announced plans to make London even greener by introducing new rules to make London “zero-emission” by 2050.

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