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London singer makes surprising comeback as BBC1 judge

GOOD TIMES: Jordan Charles

A SINGER from London is returning to primetime television this weekend after making the jump from reality contestant to reality judge.

Jordan Charles will be appearing on BBC1’s All Together Now starring Spice Girl, Geri Horner and presented by Rob Beckett.

Charles moved to London in 2016 to follow his dreams of becoming a singer - at the time he was working for a charity and singing at open mics every night. During his studies at Warwick University, he was one of only 20 students chosen each year.

A range of talented singers will take to the stage to perform in front of Charles and The 100 - a unique panel of music experts and performers from all over the UK. If any of The 100 like what they hear, they can stand up, join in and sing along. The greater the number that join in, the higher the act’s score, leading to a grand prize of £50,000 at the end of the series.

This new development comes a year after Jordan competed on BBC1’s Let it Shine with Gary Barlow, who said he would “look forward to seeing [Jordan’s] face every day” and Amber Riley who said she could “see [his] personality” and “really liked it”.

He also performed with Dannii Minogue and the Kaiser Chiefs in front of the nation. Charles says: “I never dreamed when I was standing in front of the judges’ desk last year that I’d be sat behind it a year later…this is madness!"

A six-part series for Saturday nights on BBC One, All Together Now is presented by comedian, Rob Beckett, He commented: “If you’re the sort of person who likes to belt out a tune in the shower while another hundred people join in... then firstly, how big is your bathroom? And secondly this is definitely the show for you!”.

On the experience of being a judge, Jordan said: “I tried to be hard to please, but everyone was just so great! I stood up so much, the audience probably thought there was a problem with my legs. On social media, contestants have been saying that it really helped them to see me dancing along and supporting them. I guess I’m the nice judge on this show!

All Together Now airs Saturdays at 7:15 on BBC One.

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