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Look out for illegal tyres

DANGER: Watch out for tyre damage

FOLLOWING THE Local Government Authority’s warning and advice to motorists considering buying part worn tyres, TyreSafe is urging Britain’s motorists to be extremely vigilant if considering used and not new tyres.

Results of the most recent investigations in which TyreSafe has been involved, just four of the 67 used tyres inspected were sold in compliance with legal regulations.

Of those, more than half, 58%, had defects impairing their safety, including poor repairs, structural damage and age related deterioration. In two operations where tyres were fitted directly to the vehicle, all four used tyres supplied by the retailers were of the wrong specification and mixed tread patterns on the same axle, which is likely to have significant impact on cornering and braking.

The inspections were carried out as part of joint operations with Trading Standards and the National Tyre Distributors’ Association (NTDA) and led to either conviction or formal guidance being issued to the 19 part worn dealers involved across the country. They also revealed some shocking examples of poor practice among used tyre dealers with water being left inside a tyre when fitted to a wheel, incorrect pressures being used and even the wrong size of tyre being fitted.

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