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Love Island contestant apologies for using N-word

PICTURED: Zara McDermott

FORMER LOVE Island contestant Zara McDermott has apologised after being called out for using the n-word on social media.

In a video posted by boyfriend and castmate Adam Collard, the 21-year-old government advisor can be seen singing along to Chris Brown's song Look At Me Now.

Collard is heard cheering McDermott on as she drives and raps at the same time to the song which includes the n-word.

He captioned the clip: “Baaaaaaarrrrrss.”

Shortly after the video went public, social media users called out McDermott for her use of the derogatory term to which she replied "it's just a song."

Those who attempted to educate the reality TV contestant on the origins of the word, were swiftly blocked and comments deleted from her profile.

Following the ongoing backlash, she later issued an apology saying she was “genuinely sorry” and insisted she is not “ignorant”.

“I am sorry that I offended anyone,” she posted on Instagram.

“My point is that it wasn’t aimed at anyone, it was lyrics to a song that had been in the public domain for many years, a song that many people know.”

“But I am genuinely sorry to have offended anyone, it just upsets me that people would ever think I was been intentionally nasty or ignorant because I wasn’t.”

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