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Love Island contestant blasts fellow reality stars

PICTURED: Rykard Jenkins (Photo credit: Instagram

THE DEATH of Love Island 2017 contestant Mike Thalassitis has rocked the reality TV world, leading many stars to call out showbosses for not offering enough support to contestants after leaving their respective shows.

However, Rykard Jenkins - who appeared on the 2016 version of the hit reality show - has turned his focus to other reality tv stars who have complained about the difficulty of being in the spotlight, hours after the death of Thalassitis who was found hung from a tree in a north London park on Saturday morning, police say.

He wrote: "I'm seeing A LOT of "reality stars" making statements like "it's hard being a reality tv star".

"Please stop. Because it’s hard for everyone out here! Our industry is so selfish and don’t actually give a f* about anyone but ourselves."

The post garnered a lot of of attention, with many applauding him for highlighting the issue.

One social media user wrote: “At last a genuine heartfelt statement from a LI contestant not making it all about himself. Too many others are jumping on the bandwagon making it all about them! Shocking. Well said Rykard!”

Another said: “At last....... it’s not reality tv that’s the problem. It’s the unrealistic life that we all perceive to be perfect. People need to stop the hunger for fame, stop believing Instagram and Facebook. Start looking for ways to live a good life with real conversation, real jobs.”

On Saturday, Rykard paid tribute to Mike in a heartfelt post on his Twitter, he shared: “Mate. @MikeThalassitis. This shouldn’t of happened.

“I really hope you’re at peace. We’ve had a few nights out & all I can do is sing his praises. KING rest in paradise.”

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