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Luciano looking to shake it up at London’s Boisdale

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: Jah Messenger is back by popular demand for four straight nights of unforgettable performances

JAMAICA’S GRAMMY-nominated roots-reggae purified messenger Luciano aka Jah Messenger is set for a host a week of performances at London’s Boisdale live music restaurant in Canary Wharf.

Jah Messenger who first performed at the lavish restaurant in August of last year was impressed and taken back by the experience so much so that he is back by popular demand for four straight nights of unforgettable soothing reggae musical performances. He told The Voice. “My first time at Boisdale I was every impressed I was really taken back, the people were respectable people who love the Messenger, who came out to hear and see the Messenger perform up close and personal.”

He continued: “The very first edition was nice, it was so good, it was on popular demand so they decided to do it on four nights in a row.

“It’s a different setting, different to when you go to your stage show where you have people in the audience shouting, signing and screaming out your name. It is a
different kind of vibe.

“It is a low key type of performance, it is close and personal, you can communicate between songs with the supporters in the audience, they can ask questions.

“The tables are close by the stage, when I am signing my notes people can be right there eating and feeling some good vibes. I am not new to this kind of setting, because growing up in the Church I was signing with groups and nice galas and so on, it is really a nice feeling, it is a chance to expose my musical skills.”

The reggae superstar who reached to the top of UK charts with his smashing single Shake It Up Tonight is looking to make each night insightful and one to remember. He said: “I’ll be sharing experiences on how certain songs came into being. It will be an informative performance.

“I’ll be playing my guitar, and singing songs more acoustics like. I’ll give them a feel of the reggae beat; I want them to leave satisfied knowing that some of the songs are in the same format as they are accustomed to.

“A lot of people don’t get to hear me play my guitar, when you do festivals you barely get the chance, you’ll probably get a little chance do a one guitar, just for one song, like from a Bob Marley redemption song, and they you are off. But in this setting I can give them a couple more selections with my guitar.”

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