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Major US TV network buys Clarke and Walters’ Bulletproof

SHOOTING FOR THE STARS: Noel Clarke (left) with Ashley Walters

US TV network CW has acquired Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters’ action drama Bulletproof.

The series will form part of the network’s 2019 programming.

Bulletproof, which premiered in the UK on Sky One earlier this year, follows a pair of undercover police – Bishop (played by Clarke) and Pike (played by Walters) as they fight crime in the capital. It also explores their friendship with one another and is packed full of action and jokes.

At the time of its release, the drama was praised as a game-changer for its portrayal of black men as the “good guys”, its unstereotypical characterisation of black men and, among other things, the inclusion of a black married couple.

Speaking to The Voice this morning, Clarke commented on the news. He said: “Ashley and myself, obviously we’ve made films and shows, portrayed life that was real to us – it may not have represented everyone but it was real to us – and sometimes got stick for that but what people didn’t realise is you’re opening doors.

"And then this year, we did a show where we’re both policeman and everyone was like…’it’s amazing, two black men are going to be positive on screen, he’s got a black wife’...but what you have to understand is, that was only possible because of everything that we did before, we got ourselves into a position where we could now say, ‘now this is what we’re doing, you’re going to listen and we’re going to be two black cops and he’s going to have a dark skin wife and that’s what we’re doing’ and they listened to us...That show became successful because of that reason.”

He added: “A lot of our talent go in other people’s things and they’re in America – that’s great. Two boys from underprivileged areas, estates or whatever have now sold the show they created to a major US network, like, that’s achievement...five years ago that wasn’t happening. And so that’s just going to open more doors.”

The show has indeed been a success and as a result has been renewed for a second season which is currently being written.

Other shows on the CW roster include Riverdale, The Flash, Black Lightning and Jane the Virgin.

Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters talk to The Voice about their Sky One show BulletProof

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