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'Make Ghana and the UK's relationship stronger'

GUBA CONFERENCE LAUNCH: Representatives form business and government came together to discuss the UK-Ghana connection

THE BRITISH High Commissioner to Ghana, Iain Walker, has said that the relationship between Ghana and the UK should be made stronger.

Speaking at the GUBA conference and awards press launch in Accra, Ghana, on Thursday June 7 2018, Walker, who hosted the event, stressed the significance of the UK-Ghana relationship.

In his welcome address to attendees, which included a selection of business executives and government officials, Walker said: “The purpose for this is the network of connecting people together, and GUBA does that fantastically. It is very difficult for us to achieve anything but, together with a network of people working with each other, we can achieve something and GUBA is a great representation of that. We often make a choice and the choice is that we should try and make Ghana and UK relationship stronger and a manifestation of that through GUBA, is something that I very warmly welcome.”

PICTURED: British high commissioner Iain Walker

The launch, held at the British High Commissioner’s residence in Accra, began with a dinner and discussion. Rev Kingsley Appiagyei, senior pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church, opened the launch with prayer and there were also performances from a variety of artists.

Catherine Afeku, minister of tourism, said of GUBA CEO Dentaa Amoateng: “It is great to observe the success of Ghanaian women like Dentaa who are diligently working to build Ghana.”

Amoateng closed the event with comments on the importance of the connection between the diaspora and those living in Ghana.

She said: “It is our strong belief that to have a Ghana that exceeds our expectations, we have to harness and combine the resources of the diaspora with that of Ghana based citizens. Together, we can effectively improve the socio-economic status of our country. I urge you all to play your role in this movement and to put the advancement of Ghana at the forefront of your proceedings. At GUBA, we work to play our part in this journey, and will continue to do so.”

Deadline for GUBA awards voting
The official 2018 GUBA categories have been announced and available for voting. To vote, visit Voting ends today (June 12).

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