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Making moves at MOBO launch

STRIKE A POSE: Jas with Fazer, Kanya King and talent manager Richie P (L-R)

Team UK movers and shakers were in full force at the MOBO nominations launch party. Head lady Kanya King introduced the evening and told us how excited she was about the awards being held in Liverpool again on November 3 and on a Saturday for the first time. Up and coming acts like Angel and Delilah performed very well. As usual the crowd was very rude and noisy whilst the speakers and performers were onstage. Guests included; Stooshe who looked fabulous with loads of hair extensions, Tulisa who was very blond and a bit albino looking, she’s much cuter as a brunette, although her body did look banging though like you could bounce pennies off it. Sincere, who looks more and more like Nas every day, Angel, who I don’t think has a body part left that isn’t covered in tattoo and Preeya Kalidas in a very Amy Winehouse hairstyle. Jessie Ware looked as serious and as traumatised as usual, DJ Ironik was colourful and as sweet as ever, Fazer looked dashing but there were some awkward sweat patches under his armpits at one point.

Pretty Cleo Sol had a long, furry, pink thing hanging off her all night-I was going to kill it but feared I would be a target for the animal rights people if I did. Rebecca Ferguson looked scarily like she’d tried to clone herself into a unification of Beyoncé and Leona Lewis. Delilah sounded wonderful and really stood out with many commenting on what natural style she had. The Island Record’s table looked very slick and powerful headed up by Tinchy Stryder and head honcho Darcus Beese. Amy Winehouse’s god daughter Dionne Bromfield stayed close to Darcus all night. Misha B resembled a very young Chaka Khan and sounded strong vocally too and DJ Swerve held it all together by spinning on the decks. A fun night!

Jas at the premier of Bashy’s new movie.
Bashy invited me to a VIP screening of his latest film. In the past few years many of his music videos have been mini movies; he’s also had small roles in real movies and is a very good actor. His latest film is called My Brother the Devil which is yet another movie in the vein of London’s urban street fiction of violence and Bashy plays the Mr big bad man. The film is gripping and depressing with a clear message for young men on the streets. Full of the usual tales of consequence and social depravity it also has a very unexpected plot twist, that is sure to shock audiences. But I must salute all of the actors in the film, they were superb!



MOBO Jas with Loick Essien and Bashy at the MOBO party (L-R)

More formal soirees included attending the Arts and Antiques fair in a marquee in Berkley Square, W1. When my friend Karen Palmer (formally of Jet Star Records) invited me to accompany her, we both imagined an actual tent like the ones we used to erect in Ealing Park for the local fair when we were young. But this marquee, readers, was a mansion with 3 huge ballrooms, copious amounts of champagne and mint mojitos. Swarms of London’s most wealthy old money were in attendance; you could practically taste and smell the good breeding.

Ladies of all ages were rocking pearls, Chanel suits and sophisticated flat moccasins or loafers or classic black stilettos, whilst the men all looked like they stepped off the Ralph Lauren catwalk- even really elderly gents wore swish cravats and neck scarves. They all had a unified look about them. They were a community that clearly socialised together and were comfortable in their status. There were around 200 stalls with antiques, sculptures, jewellery, artwork both classic and modern and furniture worth thousands. I’d always wondered where the very wealthy found these old oak tables, chairs, paintings that looked like they belonged in a museum and so on. I was as gripped by the attendee’s outfits as I was by the artwork! Elderly ladies with striking unusual neckpieces, very elegantly dressed folk who didn’t have to bling to show their sophistication.

My favourite collection was called Air Art by Hatchwell Antiques, who make furniture from old discarded aeroplane parts like propellers, engines, ejector seats and more- it was striking but way to expensive for my meagre purse. About 10 years ago Alan Hatchwell started to sell exciting aircraft items (now referred to collectively as aeronautica) that work amazingly well as decorative items, and are also sought after by collectors. Alan has a love of aeroplanes so this is an interesting way to indulge his interest and certainly added an unusual range of works to the Fair. I felt like I’d really managed to get my culture swerve on- if only I were wealthy enough to buy this art.

Jasmine Dotiwala is a TV producer, director and broadcast journalist. Email her at Follow her on Twitter: @jasminedotiwala

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