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Man who filmed himself defecating denies sexual offences

DENIAL: 42-year-old Michael Ohaegbu claims he was carrying 16 condoms in his car after getting them from a clinic

42-YEAR-old Michael Ohaegbu, who works as a nurse and security guard is currently standing trial at Hull Crown Court after admitting to police that he filmed himself defecating, masturbating and having sex.

Ohaegbu has been charged with kidnap, assault, committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence as well as three counts of voyeurism; all of which he denies.

The court heard that a 16 year-old victim was seen trying to escape Ohaegbu after he tried to drag her into his car, which was later found to contain 16 condoms, multiple containers of Vaseline and masking tape. An onlooker is said to have witnessed a struggle and called the police who arrested the defendant, who failed an alcohol-detecting breath test, in his car. The teenager then reported that she felt ‘like she had frozen at one point, that her heart was racing and she was shaking during the attack" after being accosted in the street by Ohaegbu.

NOT GUILTY: Michael Ohaegbu denied charges made against him at Hull Crown Court (photo credit: LinkedIn)

Another alleged victim testified that the nurse filmed her naked body without permission and recorded her from under a table at a restaurant. The recordings were seized from the 42 year-old’s laptop, which garnered no comment from the accused when shared with the court.

Prosecuting barrister Charlotte Baines summarised Ohaegbu’s defence in open court:

"In relation to the items recovered from his vehicle, he said he got the condoms, ten in a pack, from the health centre.

"He used the Vaseline for his dry skin, stating that he bathed in the morning and rubbed Vaseline on himself.

"When asked why it was in the car he said he had very dry skin, and when he finished work he had very dry lips.

"He did not give any explanation for the presence of the tape.

"He denied being a kidnapper and said he was a nurse and a security guard and protected people."

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