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Marc Wadsworth expelled from Labour party

EXPELLED: Marc Wadsworth (Photo credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA)

LABOUR ACTIVIST Marc Wadsworth has been expelled from the party after being accused of anti-semitic remarks during a confrontation with Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth.

The conclusion of the case comes 22 months after the first complaint was made against the activist.

Wadsworth came to prominence after he challenged Smeeth at the launch of Shami Chakrabati’s inquiry into antisemitism in 2016, accusing her of working “hand in hand” with a Telegraph journalist.

According to The Guardian, Smeeth said she was reduced to tears by his remarks. Wadsworth, who was distributing flyers at the event, has said he did not know Smeeth was Jewish.

Wadsworth’s case was heard by the national constitutional committee (NCC), Labour’s highest disciplinary body.

During the hearing on Wednesday (Apr 25), where Smeeth gave evidence and was cross-examined by Wadsworth’s legal representative, two Labour MPs, Chris Williamson and Clive Lewis, gave character references for Wadsworth.

Wadsworth was charged with bringing the party into disrepute, rather than antisemitism, and the party has said it aims to deal with several other key cases involving antisemitism, including the former Mayor of London Livingstone, and Walker, the former vice-chair of Momentum, within three months.

The verdict has caused a divide amongst commentators with some labelling this a 'witch hunt' against the anti-racism campaigner.

Editor-in-chief of The Canary UK, Kerry Anne Mendoza tweeted: "What’s happening to Marc Wadsworth today is nothing short of a witch hunt. His point to Ruth Smeeth was specific & evidence-based, not anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

"Shame on the 50 Labour MPs marching to metaphorically lynch this black anti-racism campaigner."

British politician George Galloway added: "The expulsion of Marc Wadsworth is a mark of shame on @UKLabour. A 50 strong Lynch-mob of grim-faced Blairite MPs led by Jess Phillips and Wes Streeting marched upon the Courthouse. And the black man was duly hung. Shame on everyone involved."

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