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Mark Duggan documentary is nominated for a BAFTA

GONE TOO SOON: A mourner holding Mark Duggan's funeral programme

IN 2011 London and other major cities including Birmingham had shops ransacked and buildings set ablaze as a mostly indiscriminate response to the killing of 29 year-old Mark Duggan.

Duggan was sadly shot dead in north London's Tottenham by police who claimed he had a deadly weapon in his hands. Witnesses say the opposite, voicing a grave injustice which sparked 'the riots', a period in which armed police with shields popped-up in local suburban shopping centres to deter many opportunistic looters who, together; had the power to turn ordinary landscapes into a sea of empty trainer boxes, smashed flat screen TVs and getaway vans driven by hitherto law-abiding mums and dads.

Amidst the many voices berating the rioters for their behaviour, film director George Amponsah and producer Dionne Walker created a factual film to document Duggan's death and its context, which was shot over three years with a great deal of help from two of the late young father's childhood friends and his family members.

Appearing on the film festival circuit and now available on Netflix, The Hard Stop has just received another nod of acknowledgement; this time from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) who have just nominated the piece within the Best Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer category - watch the trailer below:

The BAFTA Awards takes place on Sunday 12 February.

Other notable nominees this year include Moonlight for Best Film and Best Original Screenplay, American Honey for Best British Film, 13th for Best Documentary, Hidden Figures for Best Adapted Screenplay, Viola Davis for Best Supporting Actress and Ruth Negga for the EE Rising Star Award.

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