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Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey: I'll make our streets safer

VIOLENT CRIME: Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey says we cannot ignore the fact that violent crime is rising in London

WHEN I speak to residents on their doorstep, they ask me why crime is increasing, why there is violence on their streets, and why their families don’t feel safe. These conversations happen far too often.

We cannot ignore the fact that violent crime is rising in London, but my ambitions are high. I believe that everyone has the right to live and work in a secure environment and I want to build safer local communities for all Londoners.

PROPOSALS: Bailey says if elected he will work with the black population to find proactive solutions to violent crime

I have lived in London my whole life and I love this city and the people in it. It saddens me that my friends and neighbours are fearful of crime in their local areas, particularly given that recent statistics show specific increases in violent and serious crime.

However, there is no escaping that crime is a problem that can fall disproportionately on the shoulders of the black community.

London is experiencing a surge in knife crime. There were 9,721 incidences of knife attacks in 2015/16, rising to 14,940 in 2017/18 – figures that show little sign of abating.

It is a sad fact that BAME Londoners are both more likely to be a victim of knife crime and are more likely to be the perpetrators. I have several ideas to better tackle knife crime in the city – better community engagement, better use of stop and search, preventative initiatives, and the use of emerging technologies.

If elected mayor, I will work with the black population to find proactive solutions to violent crime that work for all sections of our society.


I am hugely supportive of the Metropolitan Police and their work helping to keep London safe. I have written in the past about the lack of trust that can exist between our community and the police and I still think that this is a problem.

Data from the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime shows that the gap between the white and BAME population for victim satisfaction rate for crimes is six per cent.

I want to see this gap disappear to ensure that every Londoner feels that our justice system is on their side.

It worries me that those from a black ethnic background are also significantly overrepresented in our criminal justice system. Young black people at nine times more likely to go to prison in England and Wales than their white peers, and overall, black people make up 12 per cent of the prison population, yet only three per cent of the population in England as a whole.

I will be a mayor who takes responsibility for crime in the city and is unafraid of tackling the issues head-on.

I am appalled that so many Londoners do not feel safe in their neighbourhood and worry about the safety of their families – this must change.

Large numbers of our black community live in areas with high crime rates and there is no reason why this should be the case. I will fight for a safer London and will be your voice for a safer community for you and your family.

Shaun Bailey is the prospective candidate for the Conservative party for the Mayor of London elections.

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