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McDonald's accused of racism after video goes viral

PICTURED: McDonald's

THREE STUDENTS have said they were refused food at a McDonald’s restaurant in Stood, Kent in the early hours of June 12.

One of the men, Babajide Osikoya filmed himself near to the tills where he said: "We've just come here to order some food and they're not allowing us to order any food".

The disturbing footage, which was uploaded to social media, showed the busy fast-food chain serving several customers around him.

However, a spokesman for the chain said it refused service due to "ongoing anti-social behaviour", yet all the men have denied that they had ever been abusive.

Mr Osikoya, Caleb Afoke and Sam Akinnawo were initially told that there was a "system failure", and they would not be able to order food.

They claim that a security guard outside the restaurant warned them of a management-enforced policy, which banned groups of young black men. The guards were told: “to do whatever they can, and make up excuses, to prevent them coming in”.

Mr Osikoya said: “We just wanted some food. We're normal people. It’s just a shame in this day and age in an area like this, which is really diverse, we see this sort of thing happening.”

When they entered the chain, the staff behind the till refused to serve them. Mr Akinnawo said: “It was 100% racism. It was like we were scum - they didn't give us a reason as to why we weren't allowed to order.”

A spokeswoman for the fast food chain said: “We can confirm that the customer in question was refused service in the restaurant. This was due to issues regarding his on-going anti-social behaviour.

“We do not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our employees and as such, any person causing disruption in our restaurants will always be asked to leave.”

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