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Meet the black woman behind The Carters' Apesh*t video


THE ICONIC footage to Apesh*t, the new hit from Beyoncé and Jay-Z's surprise album, was shot in the lavish setting of The Louvre Palace, France. And behind the team of people who brought the extravagant visuals to life was London based filmmaker, Jenn Nkiru.

The second unit director of the music video, told the British Council: “I’m very interested in the concept of black universality — a centring of blackness from which others can also empathize and assign an aspect of themselves”

Reflecting on what inspired her journey into the industry, Jenn said: “I've always been obsessed with the relationship between sound and vision, so that was how it began for me.”

"Then I went to film school in America for three years where I got my MFA in film directing, and I was opened up to so much: African film, Italian film, Korean film, French film, Cuban film, early Soviet film, etc.”

She continued: “It all completely blew my whole world open and took my creative curiosity to new heights. In my films, sound, vision and music have equal importance with sound and music often taking on character roles.”

Last year, the rising director released her short film ‘Rebirth is Necessary’. The film, which captures black experiences through vintage and modern visuals, is centred on “the magic and dynamism of blackness in a realm where time and space are altered”.

Nkiru said: "I hope it can be a source of inspiration, affirmation and healing to others as it has been to me, especially the black diaspora.”

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