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Meet the couple bringing black love to the masses

PARTNERS: iOla C. Williams and Dean Okai Snr

LONDON-BASED entrepreneurial couple iOla C. Williams and Dean Okai Snr are on a mission to prove, contrary to the negative portrayal within mainstream society, that love is strong within the black community.

The activist duo have partnered with prominent couples and experts to present tangible solutions to sustain and promote black love in all its forms at #BlackLove: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised on February 28 at Brixton's Karibu Education Centre.

Following years of a single narrative depicting of the single-parent black family as presented in campaigns such as department store Macy’s holiday ad, the global black community have taken to social media to challenge the misrepresentation and subliminal messaging.

Last November, Macy’s came under fire on social media by black Twitter who were appalled that images in the department store’s holiday ad showed a single parent household where the black father was noticeably missing from the traditional family setting.

Reflecting on the incidents Dean Okai Snr said: “We need to be loving and active Africans/black people, not reactive Africans. Be it in the home or in wider society, identify a problem you can solve, apply your experience and make a difference. This is the localised activity that will have global implication.”

In preparation for the event, the couple are also demonstrating black love in business by supporting the promotional efforts of a similar event, The Hidden Science of Black Love taking place today (Feb 23)

“It felt so good when Vanika (Co-founder of the Hidden Science Academy) responded so warmly to my message reaching out to her, and now we're supporting one another's events to show the black community that we can work together. There is enough space and love for all of us” said iOla.

The event, which will be hosted by iOla and Dean will feature a panel of business couple including Mark and Charmaine Simpson of Black History Studies, Nana and Nii Evans of For Evans Sake podcast, Victoria and Ade co-founders of the Black Marriage Network, Daniel and Jerelle Kiing of Fit4aKiing, and Paul and Teri McKenzie SoapBox (Real Talk & Inspirations), who will each lead discussions on communication, business, representation and the power and impact of media on black love.

#BlackLove: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised will take place on Thursday 28 February 2019 at the Karibu Education Centre in Brixton. Tickets £7 from Just-tickets or EventBrite

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