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Meet Dean and Nicholas: The twin boys in need of a home

PICTURED: Dean and Nicholas

DEAN AND NICHOLAS are non-identical three-year-old twin boys who urgently need an adoptive family. The boys were born in the UK and have always lived in the Berkshire area, however there are no geographical restrictions on where they are now placed.

Dean and Nicholas are a happy and chatty pair who love to be together with Dean generally taking the lead. They love playing outside, with bouncing on their trampoline and football being among their favorite activities. Both boys also enjoy swimming and they each have a good sense of rhythm and enjoy dancing to their favorite tunes.

The twins both have good health; they attend nursery four times a week and enjoy the range of activities that this provides for them.

Dean is a confident and curious little boy who loves exploring his surroundings. He is currently very sociable and enjoys the company of adults and children alike. When it comes to food, he likes most things apart from cheese; his very favorite food is chicken curry!

Nicholas is very affectionate and likes to give and receive hugs and kisses. He is good at imaginary play and his favorite children’s programs are Fireman Sam and Paw Patrol. He also likes most foods, except bananas.

The boys’ mother was unable to meet their care and parenting needs when they were babies and the twins have lived in foster care since they were 25 months old.

Despite their difficult start in life, the twins are happy and endearing children who have a sense of fun, Could you offer them the home they deserve?

Adopt Thames Valley are seeking a loving and energetic family who live outside the Reading area and who can support these two delightful boys to develop to their full potential and grow up to be confident in their future lives. Both of the boys are likely to bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to their future adoptive family.

Whether or not you are already an approved adopter, we would like to hear from you.

If you think you could offer Dean and Nicholas a home, please call 01865 897050 (option 2 for Woodley) now and talk to Lauren Bathe or Jenny Collins

Here at Adopt Thames Valley we are always looking for adoptive parents from a diverse range of black and ethnic heritage backgrounds. If you are interested in finding out more, please click here, email or call our Enquiry Officer on 0800 731 0171.

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