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Meet K'Coneil - 'A blend of Sean Paul and Usher'

TAKING OVER: Singer K'Coneil has been tipped for great success

JAMAICAN ARTIST K’Coneil, tipped to be the island’s next ‘breakout superstar’, has been described as ‘a blend of Sean Paul and Usher’.

This is a comparison which slightly tickled him at the beginning of our conversation, as he laughed:

“That’s definitely a compliment! These are two artists at the top of their game who have inspired me in different ways.”

The Montego Bay-born crooner has been singing since he can remember. He recalls sharing his gift with the local church that he’d attend with his uncles – who were also musical – and his beloved grandmother.
He said:

“I loved the reaction I got from the audience in church and my girls around the neighbourhood.”

Having migrated from Montego Bay to the United States at the age of 16, K’Coneil attained a bachelor’s degree in finance and briefly worked within that sector. At the time, he cited this as a ‘stable’ career choice.

However, his innate calling eventually became too much to resist and, after winning a singing contest at the famous Madison Square gardens, he chose creativity over corporate. The rest is history.

His early singles Gyal A You (2014) and Me One (2015) gained widespread radio play and saw him touring the world.

Like most impactful movements, K’Coneil’s journey has been a slow-burner. He’s been in the industry for close to ten years and, yet, the world has only recently latched on to his infectious sound.

K’Coneil has just wrapped up a successful Canadian winter tour and his debut EP Love/Lust has been ranked on both the Billboard and i-Tunes reggae charts.

The New Yorker credits the strides he’s made with hard work, self-belief and patience:

“My grandmother used to say ‘nothing before its time’. There were times that I got discouraged but giving up was never an option for me – I always worked hard.


“When I am on stage performing – I give my all. When I am in the studio, I do the same. For me, there’s no other way.”

As far as sound, K’Coneil has coined a self-defining term which encompasses a fusion of various rhythms, genres and sounds – ‘genre fluid’. He explains:

“I don’t limit myself to one genre. I am a Jamaica, so you’ll hear my country’s influence in my sound. I ove reggae and dancehall but I also like other sounds too, R&B, pop, hip-hop to name a few.

“I am a recording music that does all types of music.”

K'Coneil has recently teamed up Kreesha Turner for a steamy collaboration Love How You Whine. The pair are about to release an accompanying music video which was directed Salaam Remi (Gimme The Light by Sean Paul).

With his current single, Feel So Right enjoying heavy rotation across the US and Europe, and a popular rapper featuring on the official remix; the future looks bright for this rising star.

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