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Meet the organisation boosting black girls' self esteem

WORKING TOGETHER: A hair braiding session lead by an 18-year-old facilitator at a previous workshop

BLACK CHILDREN are often told by their parents that they must work three to four times harder than their white counterparts to achieve success, and the struggles they face in education can often be disheartening.

But one organisation in north Manchester is providing the nurturing that young black girls need to survive in what can often be challenging environments.

Founded by Ruth Ogungi in 2013, Blossom Foundation is a charity dedicated to educating young girls on issues that affect their well-being; inspiring them to reach their full potential and empowering them through the transitional stages to becoming a woman.

This weekend, Ruth will host the mini me, back-to-school workshop to prepare girls from the age of 10 to 14 for the testing times they have ahead in school. Ruth, whose parents are Nigerian, originally hails from London and now supports young girls in seminars centred around self- esteem, mental health and education.

“The best time to help the future generation of women is between the ages of 10 to 19, that’s the transitional stage where they go through a lot of things. Sometimes mothers are not aware of the things that they are going through and because of stigma or parents not wanting anyone to know these issues are just not being discussed.”

Ruth first began her outreach work with a talk show on online radio station, Peace and Joy, an arm of New Covenant Church Manchester. Addressing issues affecting young girls she would use her show to signpost the youngsters or deliver advice from her expert guests.

She established Blossom Foundation in 2013 and her seminars and camps are tailored to meet the varying needs of girls in the age brackets 10 to 14 and 15 to 19.


The back to school workshop is aimed at the younger age group with a focus on self- esteem and how it is affected by friends and body image and the impact this has on our state of mind. The free workshop for BAME girls will be hosted at The East Manchester Academy in the Beswick area of Manchester on Saturday (September 29) from midday to 4.30pm. Places can be booked via eventbrite and further information can be found at

“I want the girls to come away feeling in- spired and that their self-esteem has been lifted up and that they know how to make the right kind of friendships,” added Ruth. “I also want them to know how to deal with situations when they feel that they are being bullied and where to get help. Overall, I want them to say that they had fun.”

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