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Meet rising author Chavanese Wint

INSPIRING: Chavanese Wint

CHAVANESE WINT is a director, motivational speaker, writer, self-published author and youth leader. Chavanese began managing her own performing arts academy (Voice of Young People) at the tender age of 15.

She then subsequently volunteered and worked heavily in several youth centre’s across London, teaching and working with disadvantaged youths who were involved in gangs, or having had experienced violence in their lives.

Her approach is based on performing arts, also including modelling and graphic design, by developing interpersonal and social skills benefiting them and people in their lives, being instilled with a deeper sense of personal empowerment.

She then attended schools, colleges and youth centres across London to motivate and empower young people. Her involvement in youth education was greatly elevated, by way of her work alongside one of the UK’s most established and inspiring charity organisations, Kids Company, enabling her to increase her abilities in branching out by further developing the personal and professional skills and expertise to engage adults and young people.

After several successful years of managing V.O.Y.P., her passion grew rapidly for writing and she started to develop the necessary skills that were needed in order to become a professional writer.

Now having written 13 theatre production plays and four books, all of which are now published via Amazon, eBay, WHSmith, and Waterstones all over the world, she has now published her fifth book titled Sex, Drugs & Alcohol which will be released in September 2018.

All five books by Chavanese are available on Amazon, EBay, WHSmith, Waterstones and her own website. A book signing will be held at Waterstones, 59, Bentalls Centre, Wood St, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1TR, in October 2018.

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