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Meet the seven-year-old business owner helping his community


TREIVEON WATSON isn’t a regular 7 year old. The young boy has started his first business venture, Trei Trei Juice, supplying kids fruit juice to stores and individuals within the community.

“I wanted to start my own business because I saw my mum doing it, and wanted to see what a business was like for myself,” says Treiveon. “I asked my mum to help me write a book at first, but then I changed my mind and said maybe I should do a drink because I really love drinking. I started experimenting with making smoothies.

"The first one I tried to make was a banana smoothie and it was yucky and I did not like the taste of it. So I told mum we should try making a fruit juice instead.”

Treiveon and his mother, Chantelle Baker, prove that it’s never to late to follow your dreams as the mother and son duo freshly prepare the juices for a refreshing and authentic taste.


While fruit juices became easier to make, they didn’t come without their challenges. “The challenges of Trei Trei Juice so far were working out the right amount of ingredients when creating the recipes. It was very stressful when it didn’t taste how I wanted it to, “shares Treiveon.

“It made me feel like giving up but my mum and step dad said I couldn’t just stop so I decided to to finish it. Having to give up TV or play time to make drinks sometimes I found really hard, and would sulk a lot. I didn’t think people would buy my drinks because I am just a kid but when mum told me that I sold my first drink I smiled a lot!”

Treiveon has fun experimenting and learning to create different things, which makes Trei Trei’s Juices the perfect business venture for the year 2 student. With the assistance of his mum and family members, the young entrepreneur has high hopes for the future.

“I would like to have a building and provide jobs for other people,” said Treiveon. “Also, the biggest thing I want to do with my company is help the homeless. Maybe I can build homes for them one day. I think everyone should have a nice home with lots of food and drink.”

Trei Trei Juice can be bought by calling or texting: 07947881764 or by email:
Social media links:
Facebook: TreiTreiJuice
Instagram: TreiTreiJuice

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