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Meet Sheffield's newest mayor

ELECTED: Magid Magid

A FORMER Somali refugee has been appointed as Sheffield's newest Lord Mayor.

Magid Magid, is the city's first Somali mayor, first Green Party mayor, and, at 28, the youngest of his 121 forebears.

He came to Sheffield aged five after six months in an Ethiopian refugee camp with his mother and five siblings who left Somalia "to find a better life".

Since his appointment, he says he hopes to bring the role "into the 21st Century".

"Just me being in the post brings an element of difference to the role," he said.

He added: "I hope it will help engage those that have not previously engaged before."

Magid spoke of his honour and privilege at becoming Sheffield's 122nd lord mayor.

“Me and my family moved to Sheffield from Somalia when I was five years old to look for a better life and it was this great city I call home that welcomed me and many others like me,” he said in a statement.

“But I am not arrogant enough to think that I made it here all by myself.”

He also thanked those who had played a “minor or major” role in shaping him, and signed off with his lengthy official title: “His right worshipful, the first citizen of Sheffield, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Cllr Magid”.

The Lord Mayor is a ceremonial role and is elected by the council.

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