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Meet the woman on a mission to boost black businesses

CHAMPIONING DIVERSITY: Janet’s List founder Janet Oganah; the pop-up shop in Redchurch Street, E2

FORMER BARRISTER Janet Oganah, who is also founder of Janet’s List, a unique concept supporting the elevation of British women of colour in businesses, is on a mission to change the way we shop.

Until this Sunday (December 16) Janet’s List is hosting a pop-up shop at 103 Redchurch Street, E2, London, where shoppers can discover some of the UK’s most distinct fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands created by independent female businesses.

In a time where true economic diversity is more important than ever, the Janet’s List pop-up offers consumers a chance to diversify their shopping in time for the Christmas gifting period.

“We recognise that women of colour business owners face additional hurdles when it comes to access to money, markets and management skills,” she said.

“Our plan is to create a closed membership community to enable targeted problem-solving and support.

“We also want to proactively connect female minority women in business with the right opportunities.

“Our goal is to help these amazing businesses to receive the mainstream visibility and support they deserve, so that they can grow and thrive.”

POP UP: Inside the store shoppers can find a whole host of brands

You can find a number of great products both at the popup store and online from a whole host of brands created by WOC. Some of those brands include the delicious Three Chilli Sauce from Chilli Chop, flesh-coloured tights from Sheer Chemistry and marula oil from Equi Botanics, plus much more. Janet’s List aims to connect consumers with businesses by women of colour and is passionate about giving these businesses as much exposure as possible.

“We want to help you discover and buy from independent, niche and new brands by women of colour,” Janet said.

“We believe that passion, profit and impact can come together to make our business landscape more diverse. Our podcast, Making Money Moves, is an open and honest conversation about business and money.”

Janet’s podcast opens up conversations about money, mindset, diversity and the moves people have made to build successful businesses. The inspirational podcast is aimed at female entrepreneurs, high-impact women or any woman simply looking for inspiration – so if this is you, have a listen. Guests of the show are able to share helpful tips and strategies, which can be applied at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

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