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Meet the young entrepreneur tackling unemployment

PICTURED: David Kiaku

26-YEAR old David Kiaku from Spac Nation - an organisation created to to inspire, propel and mobilise a new generation of young leaders - has started up an employment consultancy company that is passionate about helping and investing in young adults to get into employment.

Kiaku came up with the idea after a few days of attending Spac Nation’s new year service, as they proclaimed that 2018 would be a year of golden ideas for young entrepreneurs.

What makes Toober Consultancy different from any other recruitment or consultancy service for employment is, the willingness to invest money into young adults who can’t afford to travel or dress the right attire for the interview or job.

"I have years of experience of being unemployed, trying to apply for job after job. With the help of many recruitment consultants they told me my CV needed to be adjusted on numerous occasions. Even when my CV was fixed and an interview was secured, I couldn't travel to the interview or dress appropriately because of lack of funds," said Kiaku.

"So through trial and error, I’ve been able to identify how to get the attention of employers and secure an interview. That’s what it is all about, how to get their attention. Employers receive hundreds of CV’s - what makes yours stand out?

"Not only am I going to help you get your CV at the top of the pile to get their attention, and secure an interview by simply using my formula that has worked consistently, I also want to invest money so you can at least get to your interview. If it's not travel expenses you need maybe it’s a new suit, a pair of brand new shoes or a haircut.”

The young entrepreneur has worked in over ten different industries, and describes himself as a role model for young people. He hopes to go into schools and colleges to speak about his service to bring hope.

Toober consultancy is now available at

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