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Memorial to honour victims of Transatlantic slave trade

THE VICTIMS of the Transatlantic slave trade will be honoured next month for the first time in London at a special memorial service in the capital's Trafalgar Square.

The non-religious service, organised by Slavery Remembrance Ltd, will feature speakers and performers from the African diaspora including Voice UK's Lara Lee and Breakin Convention founder BJonzi D.

It will be held on Sunday August 21 to coincide with International Slavery Remembrance Day, which falls on August 23.

"The memorial service couldn’t come at a more poignant time, where the importance of black lives is being discussed as never before," Slavery Remembrance Ltd said. "The Black Lives Matter movement stands for all black lives including our ancestors who have been ignored, sidelined and overlooked for too long.

"Ignoring this part history is part of the problem we see today. You cannot tackle racism without tackling its roots; with the roots of racism towards black people emanating from the Transatlantic Slave Trade/African Holocaust, the significance of suitably remembering and honouring the victims of this atrocity becomes all the more pertinent.

"It is naive to expect that [more than] 400 years of indoctrination can be wiped out in less than half the time. It will take years of education and reconciliation, but this process cannot be started until the topic of the Transatlantic Slave Trade is properly acknowledged, addressed and openly discussed. Only then can we begin the long journey to eventually eradicating racism.

The organisers added: "We believe the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade/African Holocaust are equally as important as the victims of the Jewish Holocaust and should be treated as such.

"We question why International Slavery Remembrance Day passes by largely unacknowledged in the UK whereas the complete opposite can be said of the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day, which has a huge memorial service attended by royalty, politicians and other dignitaries and is all filmed by the BBC."

Elsewhere in the country, in Liverpool, a libation ceremony commemorating and paying tribute to the enslaved will be held at the International Slavery Museum.

The libation will have British Sign Language interpretation, and will be followed by musical performances.

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