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Michael Jackson is Innocent campaigners criticise TfL

ANGER: Michael Jackson supporters criticised the decision of TfL to remove these posters from its buses

SUPPORTERS OF the MJ Innocent campaign have strongly criticised the recent decision of TfL to take down their posters from bus stops and the underground.

Campaign members say they are being silenced from expressing their opinion that the late Michael Jackson is innocent of the allegations of child sex abuse.

The ‘MJ Innocent’ campaign began as a response to the recent film Leaving Neverland which aired on Channel 4.

Members argue that it is in the interest of the general public to be offered what they believe is the other side of the story, one we believe to be the truth.

Transport for London recently removed bus posters proclaiming Michael Jackson's innocence after coming under fire for allowing them to be posted in the wake of child sex abuse accusations against the late singer.

The ads, which were financed by a crowdfunding campaign set up by Jackson's nephew, Taj Jackson, feature the pop star’s face with the word “innocent” over his mouth, along with the slogan: “Facts don’t lie. People do."

The posters were launched ahead of the airing of the documentary which focused on the testimonies of Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 41, who both claim the singer sexually abused them when they were children.

TfL removed the adverts following complaints from survivors of abuse groups and leading organisations.

The Survivors Trust welcomed TfL's response.

A statement on Twitter read: "After hearing reports of the recent advertising campaign on London buses, we are very pleased to hear that TFL London has responded with the decision to remove them. Thanks"

But a spokesperson for the MJ is Innocent campaign said: “The ‘MJ Innocent’ campaign began as a response to the recent propaganda film Leaving Neverland.

“It is in the interest of the general public, that they are offered the other side of the story; the one we believe to be the truth. This film should never have been commissioned and it’s fair to state, that Channel 4 is in direct breach of the OFCOM code in terms of accuracy and fairness.

“If Michael Jackson had been alive today, this one-sided hit piece would never have been made.

“Via our website - our campaign has become a global movement, with support from all over the world in defence of Michael Jackson's innocence and the right to freedom of speech, especially when it comes to defending a dead black man who has been falsely accused of crimes he has not committed.

“This a clear defamation of his character and ‘MJ Innocent’ believe that there is a grave miscarriage of justice happening right in front of us, and it has to stop once and for all.”

The spokesperson added: “From Nigeria to Trinidad and Pakistan to Egypt, ‘MJ Innocent’ continues to grow and gain momentum, with the campaign developing in new ways to reach an international audience.

“There is no doubt in our minds that Michael Jackson's music and legacy will continue for an eternity and we take solace knowing which side of history we were on, whilst a handful in society choose to silence him.”

However a TFL spokesperson said: “We reviewed our position and removed these advertisements. They have been rejected due to the public sensitivity and concern around their content.

“Under our guidelines we are able to review adverts once they are running and if, upon further review, we decide an advert is no longer appropriate we can remove it from our network. As our guidelines state, ads can be reviewed and rejected if the content is of particular controversy or sensitivity.”

Speaking to ITV News earlier this month, Taj Jackson, claimed the two men making the allegations against his uncle were lying and were motivated by money.

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