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FAMILY MATTERS: Kierran Jarrett with his mother

IN MARCH Soul Stirrings featured Pearl Jarrett, the mother who made a prayer appeal on Facebook (FB) for her 23-year-old son Kierran, who was suffering from leukaemia.

The appeal was shared on FB over 600 times and got a response from people in countries as far afield as Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Australia and Philippines.

Since that appeal, Kierran has experienced great improvements in his health and is looking forward to the future. He recently graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an International Business Studies degree and received the Deans Award for Outstanding Student of the Year, due to finishing his studies, despite his illness. Kierran felt privileged to be given the Dean’s Award.

He said: “In all honesty I had no idea what a Dean’s Award was and this led to a delay in celebrations as it was, to some degree ignored by myself when I was first nominated.

“However, to be recognised by the head of the university for my efforts can only be called a ‘blessing’.”

It was in the second year of his degree that Kierran became ill. He makes it clear he was determined to complete his studies in spite of it.

He explained: “I’ve always wanted to graduate. That and be a father. So my inspiration came more from my own want to be successful; when trouble came and I contracted cancer, a decision had to be made.

“Do I chase what I personally want to achieve regardless of today’s reality or do I sit and react to today ignoring my goals? I knew in my heart and my mind that I wanted to graduate so I chose to.”

There’s no doubt about Kierran’s gratitude to his mother and aunt for organising the prayer appeal and the fact he’s living proof that prayer works. He recalled: “Prior to the that day I was bed bound, on a consistent flow of liquid morphine, with the inability to move, raise my head, sit straight or eat without throwing up.

HAPPY DAYS: Graduation day for Kierran

“After that day of prayer, my appetite came back. By that evening, my skin colour began to return back to normal as malnutrition and treatment had made my skin dark.

“That very same day I found the strength to even dress myself and record it as a thank you to all those that prayed for me over the web.”

Although Kierran’s not studying at the moment he has some great words of wisdom for students who experience setbacks whilst studying.

“A setback is a nothing more than a knot in a shoelace. Once the knot has been taken out, the shoelace becomes straight again.

“You will come across knots in your race to finish uni, but you have all the time necessary to overcome any problem thrown at you, so long you deem it important to fix and solve.”

Kierran is excited about his future despite not being able to work in an office due to his medication.

He wants to write a book about his experience and currently does network marketing work for ACN.

He also wants to inspire others. “I want to change lives, to speak globally on wealth and mindset.

“I want to gain knowledge so I can teach those closest to me for free, so that success is spread amongst the ambitious and hard working.

He added: “I want the love I have for life to pick people up and inspire them to keep going. I hope to be a millionaire known as a Christian and a man of God filled with understanding and wisdom. I’m hoping to have a residual income of 50-100k a month do whatever it is that I love.”

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