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MJ doc is part of agenda to destroy our culture, says T.I.

Michael Jackson: A new documentary has revealed further accusations of child abuse against the singer

THE MICHAEL Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland is part of the agenda to destroy black culture, T.I. has said.

The rapper has hit out at the makers of the documentary for attempting to “destroy another strong black historical legend”.

Writing on Instagram, T.I. shared a clip from a Piers Morgan interview with Michael Jackson in which the singer was questioned over alleged child sex abuse.

T.I. praised Morgan for the interview and said that people should not just listen to one side and expect to find truth.

“Let this man speak for himself to defend his legacy. Don’t just listen to one side and expect to find truth. Oh that’s right...dead men can’t speak. So what was the point again? Destroy another strong black historical legend?!

“It’s several examples of pedophilia [sic] in American History... if y’all pulling up all our old shit... we gotta examine Elvis Presley, Hugh Hephner [sic], and a whole slew of others guilty of the same if not more!!! But why us all the time? There’s an agenda to destroy our culture.”

During the 1999 interview with Morgan, which had not been heard until this week, Jackson addresses accusations of harming children by saying: “I would slit my wrists before I would. I could never – ever.

He also says: “If it wasn’t for children, I would throw in the towel. I would kill my myself. They give me my inspiration, they give me...they inspire me. Everything I do, every song I write, the dance, everything that I do.

“They try to use it against me and it’s just been so unfair and I’m very upset about it, you know.”

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