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Mnangagwa: ‘Investors are flocking in’

LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: New Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has bold ideas

ZIMBABWE PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says many investors are already showing interest in the country following the resignation of Robert Mugabe last week.

Mnangagwa was addressing supporters at the Zanu-PF party’s headquarters after his return from exile. He told supporters that Mugabe was the impediment to economic progress.

Mugabe resigned on Wednesday, (Nov 22) after the ruling Zanu-PF’s Central Committee voted him out and as parliament was in the process of impeaching him.

“The G40 cabal had captured the executive in the name of the president. Orders were now coming from outside for implementation, but now we are witnessing a new beginning in our country,” Mnangagwa said.

“What we need is the cooperation of SADC, Africa and also partners outside Africa. We shall achieve a fruitful economy.”

Mugabe, 93, the world’s oldest head of state, had been in power since 1980. During his rule local industries collapsed and closed, while graduates were reduced to finding work as touts and vendors.

Inflation in the southern African country currently exceeds 200 per cent and unemployment is above 90 per cent. Many citizens have not known a time without Mugabe, who has dominated every aspect
of public life since coming to power in 1980 after independence from Britain.

Mnangagwa was elected as Zanu-PF’s new leader after Mugabe was sacked on Sunday. He was sworn in as the new president on Friday, November 24. During the speech he hailed a “new and unfolding democracy” in Zimbabwe and vowed to create jobs in a country where estimates say as much as 90 per cent of people are unemployed.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai told the BBC he hoped that Zimbabwe was on a “new trajectory” that would include free and fair elections. He said Mr Mugabe should be allowed to “go and rest for his last days”.

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