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AWARENESS: MOBO Awards founder, Kanya King

THE MOBOs have announced the launch of ‘B Positive’, a ground-breaking national campaign with a 60-strong choir at its focus, in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant as part of the MOBOvation Season countdown to this month’s MOBO Awards.

The ‘B Positive’ campaign, so named after a blood type that is more common in the black population, aims to drive registrations of much needed, lifesaving new blood donors, in particular targeting 17-35 year olds and those from black communities, who are more likely to have genetic blood conditions, such as sickle cell disease, which requires regular blood transfusions.

MOBO founder and CEO, Kanya King MBE, said: “MOBO has always had a social and cultural responsibility to drive positive change, so we are proud to team up with NHS Blood and Transplant again to launch this vital campaign. B Positive’ has been created to raise awareness and encourage blood donation through the power of music and motivate a new generation to take action and get involved.

“We need more new donors from younger audiences and black communities to help en- sure that patients can get the best possible treatment. 'B Positive’ is a positive rallying cry that we hope will win the hearts and minds of MOBO’s heartland audience. It really is about donating blood and saving lives.”

The choir made their debut with an exclusive performance on November 20 at the MOBO Awards pre show at Boisdale Canary Wharf, London, and will be performing at various events and locations, culminating in a rousing performance at the 22nd MOBO Awards event itself.

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