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More than 200 drivers a day flout mobile laws

DRIVERS: New drivers could risk losing their licence for sending a single text.

ACCORDING TO police, nearly 6,000 motorists have been caught using mobile phones illegally at the wheel during a major crackdown.

In a four-week period in March this year, more than 200 motorists were spotted each day - the equivalent of one every seven minutes.

Since 1 March, motorists who have fallen foul of the law have faced a £200 fine and six points on their licence.

The new tougher punishments mean that new drivers risk losing their licence for sending a single text.

According to Sky News, figures obtained from police forces across Britain show there were 5,977 instances of illegal mobile use by drivers during the crackdown, from 1 to 28 March.

The stats reveal that: "of the forces that provided information, the Metropolitan Police registered the highest number at 2,037, meaning more than 70 drivers were caught using a handheld phone on London's roads each day.

The lowest figure was provided by Gwent in Monmouthshire, with 22 reported cases - less than one person a day."

Road safety charity, Brake called driver distraction a "growing menace" and called for the £200 fine to be "significantly increased".

Police are keen to show mobile phone use is not a minor offence and say they want to make it as "socially unacceptable" as drink-driving.

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