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'More police funding needed to keep London safe'

CUTS: MET Police Commissioner Craig Mackey

MET DEPUTY commissioner Craig Mackey has warned the Metropolitan Police will need more funding to keep London safe from further terror attacks.

Mackey said the recent Westminster and London Bridge atrocities had “put a lot of stretch” on the force – and added the whole of the Met, not just counter-terrorism policing, needs more funds.

Speaking to the London Assembly’s Budget and Performance meeting on Tuesday (June 13), Mackey said the recent terror attacks stretched the Met “across the system” and not just in the force’s counter-terror command.

Sophie Linden, London’s deputy mayor for policing and crime, said: “We are incredibly worried and concerned that if we carry on with the level of budget cuts we are facing we won’t have the level of resources we need to really keep London safe and secure.”

Mackey's warning was reiterated by London’s deputy mayor for policing and crime, who said she was “incredibly worried and concerned” that the ongoing budget cuts will put London’s safety at risk.

This comes after the Met was forced to make £600 million of savings over the past four years and is set to make £400 million further savings by 2020-21.

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