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Most People Voted for Hillary - So Why Didn't She Win?

VOTER TURN OUT: Hillary Clinton actually received more votes than Donald Trump

IF YOU find time to study the intricacies of the US election system (in between the constant commentary and Donald Trump memes), you may be left feeling a little confused.

America (using a process similar to the UK’s) chooses leaders based on the amount of ‘college votes’ a candidate receives – however, college votes do not represent the number of individuals who voted. Instead, the college votes system counts the number of votes made by ‘electors’; which are simply units of people who vote within each state. For instance, a heavily-populated state such as California has been designated 55 electors or college votes and smaller states like Delaware were awarded three in the latest presidential election.

What that means for voters is that decisions on who leads the country are ultimately made by larger or ‘swing’ states who will record which candidate was most popular within their state. So, if the 38.8 million people in California disagree with a collection of smaller states who may have, say, 50 million inhabitants combined, California’s decision will hold fast despite less actual people who live in California voting for the winner than those who voted for the same person in Delaware.

In 2015 this country watched as the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) bemoaned our system which mirrors the college votes process. Although many voted for UKIP the party was allocated just one parliamentary seat, which was said to be disproportionate and unfair to voters.

Stateside Democrats and Republicans alike have highlighted the fact that the current vote-counting convention is the only reason Hillary is not preparing to move back into The White House as Madame President after her previous First Lady role; and Trump is. The President-Elect himself derided the college votes mechanism in 2012 after his failed campaign to render President Obama ineligible for leadership based on Trump’s false belief that Obama was born outside of the US. At the time, Trump Tweeted;

“The electoral college is a disaster for democracy.”

Some voters and international spectators who are disappointed with the result may take heart in the fact that most people voted for Hillary Clinton and not for a man who is fast-becoming synonymous with defending derogatory and by many accounts predatory, ‘locker room talk’.

Sending reverberations around world, the election’s results have plunged those who are classed as ethnic minorities in their home countries into shock, apprehension and disgust at what appears to be a message from the majority; chiding us with several versions of ‘go back home’ in its many guises. By taking a closer look at just how Trump was elected might remind the world that most American voters do not want him in power, despite his impending move to Pennsylvania Avenue.

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